Dr Meg Jensen is the  Director of the Centre for Life Narratives at Kingston University, London, where she is Principal Lecturer in English Literature and Creative Writing and Deputy Head of the School of Humanities. She publishes both creative writing (poetry, fiction and life writing) and literary criticism and has a particular interest in women’s writing, the literature of trauma and autobiographical fiction and in developing socially impactful projects in life writing, trauma and human rights. Recent publications include: ‘Getting to know me in theory and practice: negotiated truth and mourning in autobiographical fiction’ in Literature Compass: Special Cluster Life Writing and Critical Practice, December 2011, Jensen and Margaretta Jolly, eds.; ‘The Writer’s Diary as Borderland.’ Life Writing, Special Issue: The Work of Life Writing. Forthcoming, 9.3 (2012). ‘Separated by a common language: the (differing) discourses of Life Writing in theory and practice,’ A/B Autobiography Studies (Winter 2011); ‘Moments of Being in Virginia Woolf’s Major Novels’, in The Cambridge Companion to the Modernist Novel (CUP, 2007); ‘The Anxiety of Daughterhood, or Using Bloom to Read Women Writers: The Cases of Louisa May Alcott and Virginia Woolf’ Literature Compass 4 (4) , 2007;  The Open Book: Creative Misreading in the Works of Selected Modern Writers, (Palgrave,2002). She has also completed two novels, Saints on Staten Island and Geraldine Mulrooney’s Last Chance, and is fun at parties.


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  1. Posted by Stephanie on June 3, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    I’m working on a MA thesis…working on the topic…and have an interest on women writer’s such as Woolf, Chopin and Plath (as well as Lauren Slater). I want to do something with women writing about or because of mental health: trauma, depression, etc. I stumbled across your blog and it is helpful.


    • Hey Stephanie that’s great – I wish you very good luck. I guess you will have read Anne Whitehead “Trauma Fiction” or works by Cathy Caruth?


  2. Posted by Christine Ecklund on June 10, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    Nice blog, Meg Jensen. Especially love your poem and the Rebecca piece. Thanks for sharing!


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